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Diana: My mom told me that my dad liked to travel a lot, and that he liked to travel and do things, like more freely. So I think that maybe I wars re-birthed in a way- like that my dad was re-born in me. And that explains a big part of the genes that you can have scientifically. For example- I don’t know, but maybe you don’t look a lot like your parents, but instead maybe like someone else, grandparents, great-grandparents- and lets say they liked to draw, for example. Then that would explain your liking of certain things- like this book for example. I don’t know, like, I don’t think you like to do things just because. I think there has to be a more logical explanation. Or, fore example, let’s say you are at a window, and all of the sudden you stat watching the rain come down and it evokes a certain sentiment. Why? Because something had to have happened- so I think there is something very magical and very mysterious, that we haven’t discovered yet, but I think it has something to do with rebirth in some form. Not precisely like in the body, in another life- that could be one explanation- but I think there are some very strong precedents, that you could call rebirth.

Olivia: And with people with whom I’ve been talking to, they also always mention dying, or the death that has to happen before rebirth- right- and so in this case, like you were saying with the genes (masculine, feminine?) the genes, like from grandparents, great-grandparents that means that something had to die before it could be re-born in you?

D: Ah, well, not precisely- because for example, maybe it didn’t die, and precisely because of that it transferred to…. Well we could talk about some things, but there’s also…for example- there’s this song that I really like that’s called “Memories of the future”. Well, it’s not actually the song, it’s the melody. And so when I listen to that melody, it’s like things that already happened in the future. So, you can imagine, for example, feeling the sensation of something that you will experience in the future. It’s a little hard to explain, but I don’t think that with the majority of things- when you’re talking about rebirth- have to die to later be re-born. I think it’s also possible that this is kind of like a circle more or less, that it’s connected because… I don’t know- it could be like having 10 people inside of a circle, for example. It is possible that somebody who is in front of you will pass all those memories to someone who is behind you, and just like that successively- so there will always be a future connected with something like the past I think, because if it’s like a circle, then it doesn’t have much of an end…like that.

O: Hmm, ah (laughter) And that’s something that could happen between people as well, its not just…

D: Yes, ya it can happen, even for example, with people, with the earth- for example, it’s really interesting that in the universe, many planets have similar characteristics to planets like in a previous order- for example, Mars has a very frozen climate right now, like it can’t really support life, at least not specifically the type of life that Earth has. But Venus has very similar conditions to those that Earth had many, many years ago. So, we don’t really know, but it could be, for example, that life also came down, jumping, bouncing from place to place. And it will always be like that, a circle

O: Continuously turning

D: Continuously turning and turning like that. And you can also see it in certain animals and things like elements of nature that once were one thing and then another. For example: carbon. How is it possible that it can turn into a diamond after many, many years? And successively like…I don’t know, it’s like a circle I think (laughter)

O: And do you think, that well… I was thinking, and talking to Willie too- that the Earth is going through the process of a birth right now, and just like always with a birth, there are screams, there is pain, there is sweat, there is all that stuff, right?

D: Well a lot of times I would like to believe this. For example the date when the thirteenth Baktun (Mayan calendar) was completed, well there were a lot of people who were expecting a very big change

O: And a fast one

D: Yes and a fast one, and I would like to believe- I don’t know if its like this- but I would like to believe- that in some way a small change began, that really is very, very small. Like, for example, you know the butterfly effect: the theory where something very small can create something very large. That’s why I’d like to believe that after the Baktun ended we had the opportunity to change things through a very, very small change that we didn’t even see. For example- it could have been a word that somebody said that will make something really big happen, or a very, very small action or an idea that formed… I’m not sure if its exactly like that, that the Earth is in a birthing process, like you said, but I would like to believe that that is happening- because if that is not happening, then the other option is that we’re seeing like a downfall (doom, destruction) and it’s not good. So, you have like two options, to think that this is a moment of transformations, if not it’s like a moment of going into a void (ruin). But I don’t want to think that, I prefer to thing that this is a moment a little bit like of decisions, of struggles between many things that are going to have a result, but I don’t know- something like that.

O: Do you think there are, like you said, decisions?I was talking just now with Eduardo, and he also was talking about the decisions within rebirth. Do you think rebirth, to be reborn, is something that we can do, that we have to do with in intentions and decisions, or do you think it is something that just happens on it’s own?

D: I don’t think so, specifically, I think rebirth is something that just happens- including for example, if I were to think that the earth, or perhaps humanity, only were to have a little time left, it wouldn’t be bad necessarily, because we don’t know what would take place. For example, if we as humans have- I don’t know- like 10 million years left, then…

O: What years? (or what year)

D: Ya, it’s like someone could think “Oh no, that’s so little (time)” but I think that we don’t know what would cause this. It’s like when sometimes we think that bad things happen to us, but those bad things then cause something new to happen, which, is possibly going to be much more, much better, or much bigger. That’s why I think that it’s like a process that should happen for a reason- like everything in nature. For example, a butterfly doesn’t decide if… or a caterpillar doesn’t decide if it wants to be a butterfly, its just something that…And with us too, its like, well ya some things are in our hands, like having children or something like that, but inevitably we are going to die which leads to new people and new things. We leave a job and we leave space fore other people- and just like that- I think it’s something very natural.


from the rebirth bug, released May 4, 2015
entrevista con diana pastor




olivia blu Denver, Colorado

The sun rose then fell, inhaled then exhaled. Thereby making time, for flowering brains.

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