defer your loans

from by olivia blu

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nice to meet you, what do you do?
and where do you go to school?
is that where,
you learned to walk?
where you learned to talk?
or did you ever?
she never did,
cuz she’s an astronaut,
school was on the moon,
not enough gravity to walk,
not enough air to talk,
so she just sings,
and paints herself green,
paints herself green.

they said not one tree left behind,
and they cut down every child,
and everybody got one piece of paper,
that told them,
all that they would ever be,
but it will be,
signed and dated by,
signed and dated by,

nice to meet you,
how much debt are you in?
and when does your life begin?
they always say
not until graduation,
everything before that was just a test,
i hope that you did your best,
that you did your best.

you can't cure a sick tree by
pickin' off a bad fruits,
the only place is to start at the
tzell you what a brain is a terrible
thing to waste,
but not as bad a wasting your
precious time
you've got a gun in your hand
but you value life
nobody knows what you are
fighting for.

she held me up
to the fire escape
so I could kiss her lover,
and she said,
defer your loans till the revolution,
she said defer your loans,
till the revolution,
we climbed up the fire escape,
so we could kiss each other,
she said defer your loans
till the revolution,
she said defer your loans,
it's for our evolution.


from the rebirth bug, released May 4, 2015




olivia blu Denver, Colorado

The sun rose then fell, inhaled then exhaled. Thereby making time, for flowering brains.

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