pick my butt

from by olivia blu

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we used to climb the trees,
a pair of little monkeys,
we used to climb to the top,
just to see the top,
you used to pick my butt
and i would pick yours too,
back when the only think we had to do,
was just to be me and you.

then we got wireless internet
in the tree,
oh all of the small things
that just weren’t meant to be,
soon we found wikipedia and
searched every word we knew,
tree, leaf,
me and you,
cloud, blue,
oh all of the things that it knew.

you used to pick my butt
and, i would pick yours too,
back when the only thing
we had to do was just to be me and you.

so we kept on clickin’ on all of the
little blue words,
till we got to the one that really put
a start to our search,
it was evolution,
what the hell is that?
i was under the impression that we were
already where it was at.
and the questions arose,
and so did the moon,
and luckily wikipedia’s server had
sufficient room
because we searched, we searched,
we searched, we searched,
we searched the night away//

and the morning came,
as did the answers to our questions,
and they all seemed to point
in one very specific direction,
we had to ditch the tails,
get out of the trees,
cuz, you can’t answer questions when
you’re just a pair of simple monkeys,
we had to walk on too feet,
use our fingers to solve puzzles,
we had to walk the dogs
and when they bit,
we had put them in muzzles.

so we moved out of the trees,
we bought a house and two cars,
and on friday and saturday we would,
hit all the bars,
you said you liked your job,
i lied and said that i liked mine,
but the truth is all it seemed to was just
waste all my time.

one day you invited your boss
over for dinner,
you said you liked her company,
but I knew you were
just kissin’ ass.
you all were talking about
some very important matter,
when out the corner of my eye I saw
something in your butt,
i went to pick it out
and that’s when, you started to shout,
you said,
i don’t pick your butt no more
and you can’t pick mine,
the truth is we only need to do
that kind of thing, just from time to time,

now i only pick your brain,
and you only pick mine too,
but the only thing its seems to do is
leave us feelin’ oh so blue
feelin’ oh so blue..

(homo sapiens pant hoots)


from the rebirth bug, released May 4, 2015
accompanied in pant hoots by ethan stark




olivia blu Denver, Colorado

The sun rose then fell, inhaled then exhaled. Thereby making time, for flowering brains.

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